Code of Conduct

We want all of our members and guests to enjoy themselves and feel comfortable. Dayton Warm Breezes is committed to providing a safe and friendly environment to promote naturism in a positive manner. As such, please be familiar with these guidelines.

We are not clothing optional. Normally, bathing suits are not allowed. There are exceptions to this rule as listed in the DWB clothing free policy (quoted in part here):

Reasonable consideration is given to those who are new to social nudity, yet want to participate. We recognize that there must be exceptions to the clothing free policy. For females, at times is necessary to wear bottoms (shorts or swim wear bottoms are permitted). Other examples of exceptions are weather, cooking or other appropriate activity, and surgery. Talk to John or Sharon just so we know what is going on.

Participants in our club events will not engage in behavior that would cause others to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. Such behavior includes (but not limited to) language or actions, extreme intoxication, possession of a camera, possession of a firearm and sexually suggestive behavior.

This is a non-sexual, family-oriented organization. Public affection and/or touching among members are permissible only to the extent that it would be acceptable in a public, fully clothed, family-oriented forum. Abusive language, rude, or crude behavior, overtly sexual behavior, or advances of an unwelcome or unwanted nature will not be tolerated.

All attendees will respect the privacy of others and names or identities will NOT be revealed to anyone outside of the swim meet or event without that person's permission.

For sanitary reasons and as a courtesy, use a towel to sit on at all nude club functions.

Naturists are non-judgemental, and body acceptance is a basic tenet of naturism. It is inappropriate to ask about or mention a person's physical appearance, weight, scars, or clothing.

We encourage family participation including minors (those under the age of 18). However, minors may attend our nude events only when they are accompanied by a responsible adult. If the accompanying adult is not the minor person’s parent or legal guardian, a properly completed Parental Permission form (qv) must be on file with DWB admins.

Married couples who apply together as a couple are required to attend your first gathering together before attending on your own.

Dayton Warm Breezes reserves the right to ban or revoke any members that fail to adhere to our code of conduct or when the comfort/safety of our members are compromised. DWB will issue refunds on a prorated basis for membership dues if you are discharged for conduct.